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Discussion in 'DIY: Do It Yourself' started by Freebird135, Apr 22, 2009.

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    for about 2 weeks there was a rattle under my truck (toyota tacoma SR5 2.7 L)

    finally today i got under it (bad back and all) and it was just a support rod for my exhaust, right behind the catalytic converter...it was banging against the exhaust and so i just took it off

    is this something i will need to replace or will it be ok without it? it holds fine without it, and it wasnt supporting anything, it was just loose and was banging

    so im pretty sure its ok, it seems to hold fine....normally i would just go to autozone and get a new one and put it on but i hurt my back at work and cant be doing these kinds of things

    so will it be ok for a few weeks?

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