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Dec 11, 2008
Oct 16, 2008
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Fort Polk, La. The most boring place on earth.
Dental Assisting,Raising my Kiddies,Loving on my h

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Regular Member, from Fort Polk, La. The most boring place on earth.

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Dec 11, 2008
    1. Numnum
      HEY!! me too apparently haha... things are great! I moved out too.. how are you??
    2. Veronica
    3. RedRyder
      you're welcome... now rep me back.... :D
    4. Numnum
      dazner did!
      sky-diving for fun? or was it a work thing?
    5. Numnum
      how about we make the husband watch the kiddies as payback for the last 16 (almost 17) weeks! my weekend was good! umm.. i won best costume at work on friday... got my drank on friday night.. saturday was a house day.. went interior stuff shopping and grocery shopping.. watched the hockey game... umm.. saturday i got my hair did and chillaxed.. how about you?????
    6. skyblue
    7. dustsped
      Oh, and I like your new picture! Very pretty! :)
    8. dustsped
      That's right, Janene. :) I'll try to remember or next time. :)

      This one you mean? :24: you just go colon(:) and put the number '24' in there and then another colon, so it's like this : + 24 + : = :24:
    9. dustsped
      Oh, I can't remember your name again. Sorry :(

      I'm doing well, just a bit tired yet. And how are you? By the way, I like the new picture on your profile. :) Is that you? It's a cool picture. :)

      And a code is : + D = :D How's that?
    10. Numnum
      I will be your friend. I live in B.C. Canada. AND I'm a super baby-sitter. I babysat for a little girl with a disability when she was younger. she was 4 but had the mental capacity of a 1 year old. it was tough but i was daaaamn good like woah! haha and I still babysit for this one family. Kids are 4 and 7 and I've been babysitting since the 7 year old was like 7 months. So i must be good. and for you - i give you good deal. 2 kids for price of 1. only $15 per hour! haha
      So what is your husband gonna do once he's finished airborne school?
    11. RedRyder
      you're welcome. more to come, as I remember that is.... lol
    12. Numnum
      awww sounds cute! ya.. the outside world is pretty neat.. haha are you ok with babysitters and what not? can you get out atleast a couple times a week without the children?
    13. SilentSinz
      learning slowly how to make sigs for fun, if youd like i could give it a shot for you
    14. SilentSinz
      to tell you teh truth i cant remember who did it, but somebody from this site actually made me that sig using photoshop
    15. groundpounder
      what a TERRIBLE thing to waste. I vote put it back up!
    16. Numnum
      i'm a legal secretary.. i'm at work right now actually. just on my lunch break.. what about u??
      what are your kids gonna be for halloween???
    17. Numnum
      i'm 22! you can live vicariously (sp?) through me! haha... do you guys have phone sex? eh eh?

      and thanks! umm.. not that long... it'll be a year in feb so like.. 9 months?
    18. Numnum
      all you need to know is me! haha...
      don't you miss the hubby? is that why you came to us?
      umm... i just bought my first house and living with the bf! how old are you hot stuff?
    19. dustsped
      Oh, I see. Well, that's understandable then, about your husband. :)

      Sure thing. I can show you some of the codes. :) Sounds good with me.
    20. Numnum
      Hi Neeners :)
      saw you were pretty new. just wanted to say hi!
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    Fort Polk, La. The most boring place on earth.
    Dental Assisting,Raising my Kiddies,Loving on my h
    Strong Woman/Mom/Wife

    my family,swimming,four wheeling,laying out,camping,fishing.


    <3 Donate to the American Heart Association <3
    <3 Walk for Heart Disease <3
    <3 My son was born with half a heart <3